Hello everyone,

Hope we’re doing well.  Am Linda, a young lady still trying to figure out her way through life. A medical student trying to survive this thing called school and still stay afloat in other aspects of life. I am a christian and  a foodie. I am studying as an international student so that is also a different ball game altogether. what’s worse is i suck at languages, no really i am terrible at it. After 5 years of being here(Ukraine) my Russian still sounds like a toddler’s or someone who just got in the country. well maybe not that horrible but it just sucks! 

So i have been planning to start a blog since forever but yeah i was too lazy to actually pick it up but i have decided to finally do it. This isn’t for just those who will be interested to read it’s also for me to write out my thoughts and to have it saved. 

So yeah, this blog will be basically about things that i like and things i can give an opinion about. I will be writing about medicine,food and books basically. i hope to put up  more blogs during the week to let you guys in on whats happening in my part of the world.

I didn’t start a youtube page simply because am shy, well confidently shy but i love to write so this medium of communication works perfectly for me.

Lemme know your thoughts on what you would like me to talk about. 🙂

Till next time,bye 🙂

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