Hey guys,

This wasn’t what i thought my first post would be about but i was at a concert last night and a word about love was shared and i just cannot get it off my mind so i thought why not share it. So by now in my mind am like an expert when it comes to love because yeah i love love and everyone who knows me knows that. Like its not even a surprise to anyone who knows me. So the word was shared from John 3:16 and funny thing is i thought oh i know it. Like every christian does but i wasn’t seeing it from a deeper point of view so here goes.

John 3:16(Kjv)- ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.’

For God- the GREATEST LOVER, so loved- the GREATEST LOVE(AGAPE-unconditional love).  The world- the GREATEST NUMBER OF PEOPLE TO LOVE, thats approximately 7 billion people now . He gave His only begotten son- the GREATEST SACRIFICE, He didn’t send one of His multitude of angels but sent the ONLY SON He has to die for us,because He wanted to save us. Whosoever believeth- the GREATEST INVITATION, its for everyone and you don’t have to do anything to be worthy of it. Its yours as far as you believe in spite of your race, job, country, economic status, medical status, like whatever your situation is as far as you believe its yours. Not perish but have everlasting life- the GREATEST GIFT, to live wholly in this life and the life beyond.

So looking at all this i realized am very low on the ladder of love because i know definitely my love towards some people have been conditional, once i was hurt i was like peace, and i walk out of their lives . I couldn’t be bothered to think that ‘oh love them even though they’ve hurt you’. You know there’s this idiom that says ‘once bitten twice shy’,so as human as i am i get guarded up real fast once i get hurt or see signs. Now to love 7 billion people, wow! That’s something i doubt i could ever do. I don’t think i have up to 20 people i truly love and the 20 people include my parents and siblings. So the scenario here is that the 7 billion people hurt you everyday and you would still love them. Now lets come to the 20 people i say i love, when they hurt me i get angry,flare up and probably not talk to them for a day or two or even become guarded on the issue that caused the flares in the first place so back to not being able to love them unconditionally,see where am sucking at love yet? So giving His only son, meehhnnn! i can’t even share my last pizza with my bestfriends i explain to them why i should have the last piece because the last one is always the sweetest. lol! But really when you have one of something valuable to you its usually really hard to part with, we usually keep it in a safe or a secured area. Now am imagining if i have a son and he’s the only child i have  and am supposed to let him die to save my country am very sure my country won’t survive,am so not giving him to be killed for people i barely know(He sent His for the world) and besides i doubt i will let my son die so my bestfriend  lives. I still can’t fathom this kind of love.  So this same God, decided to love whoever will believe in His son and His love for free just like that. How? I can barely make friends to even think about just loving everyone as long as they believe i can love them. Hmm whosoever huh?! Am now cringing because i can’t seem to love the beggars i meet everyday, depending on my mood i can’t even look up to give them a smile. i totally ignore them and its worse if they have a stench, i point my nose up in a weird posture to kind of block out the smell and i walk hurriedly away. At this point on a scale of 1-10, i give myself a 0. Eternal life? I can’t do that. I can’t guarantee anyone eternal life, i don’t have that much power.

So at the end of it all, i know there’s a greater love out there and i aspire to get to that level but till then i would have to change my view on love. I admit am no expert and i admit if i had even 1/3 of this kind of love i wouldn’t have lost some relationships. But am optimistic about the future and about love in general, so here’s to the future and unconditional love*raising my invisible glass,hope you are too*. By the way if you’re already high on the scale of love, pray for me i need it. lol! So till next time.

Hope your day is filled with happiness,joy and love!xo

3 thoughts on “AGAPE”

  1. It’s amazing. I really like this! So much truth and honesty here.
    I’d easily say 99% of humans only have conditional love for others.
    God help us all.

    Oh, and if you think about it, God has totally loved every single Human being who ever existed since the world began; that’s billions and billions of sinners, all equally and completely, and unconditionally Loved by God.

    You’re right, that’s the kind of love we need. And once again, God help us all. ❤️

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  2. Love can never be overemphasised, love is the greatest commandment, God loved us even when we didn’t accept him but we as humans choose which to love and subject it to our feelings. Love is never too much.

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  3. That’s really amazing. I keep praying for the kind of love that Jesus had but I don’t even know if my heart is capable of such great magnitude. God help us. Share your love in our hearts and help us to live it. Amen.

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