What was i supposed to do? Just accept that i was going to Ukraine with no familiarity in sight? Well i went, i took my bags hugged my family  goodbye and headed to Europe. I wasn’t excited about the journey just anxious and scared. All i wanted to do really was to go anywhere else but Ukraine but God had other plans.

I always say that the hardest prayer topic is to ask for the will of God to be done. I found myself somewhere i didn’t wanna be because of this prayer topic. If only i knew what i know now i wouldn’t have fought it at all. I felt alone, thrown into this huge world to walk alone.

What i came to realize was that Ukraine was my personal training grounds for my walk with God. A place where i  found God for myself not because i was pushed to but because i had come to realize He was all that mattered.A place where i didn’t feel alone anymore because i had a friend with me always. It took time to realize Christ was my friend, even though i am a christian.Don’t get me wrong am not living a stress free life, I have experienced hurt, bitterness and loss .That is what makes it a training ground-the hardships. The upside to it is that this time, i know i have a friend  i can lean on. You see His love really is for all, why reject something that is freely given when you can just take it.

Just a little encouragement for you. I definitely don’t know the journey He has drawn for you but i do know that He won’t let you go down the path alone. If you’re at a place where you feel like you can’t anymore or feeling alone i am just encouraging you that God is there. Reach out and feel His love for you. Do not give up, it’s all gonna make sense soon enough!xo

2 thoughts on “Alone”

  1. Hmmmm… Really needed to read this today…Hmmm it ain’t easy though buh wid God we will sail through… Thanks Sis.. #really proud of u fr wat u doing here…U r touching lives wid ur words😘

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