You Are Beautiful

Hey y’all

So let’s talk about beauty. I have met really beautiful or handsome people who feel so bad about themselves that it makes me wonder if they look in the mirror, because they don’t seem to see what I see. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” as people popularly say and i think it true because every one has a different preference. The environment you find yourself in will affect your perception of beauty.

Now to self-love we tend to look down on ourselves or mark ourselves with this unrealistic meter. I am a victim sometimes you know? There are days where i am just not happy with myself because i think am not beautiful enough and you will be surprised that i take it a step further to ask others if i am beautiful. But come to think of it i felt beautiful the day before so what happened today? I realize that it’s just a ridiculous thought that we entertain and we shouldn’t.

Psalm 139:14(ASV)”I will give thanks unto thee; For i am fearfully and wonderfully made: wonderful are thy works; And that my soul knoweth right well’.

According to the Bible everyone is made fearfully and wonderfully! Everything about you is beautiful and it’s up to you to accept it. God doesn’t create anything that is not beautiful. God has not made you a disappointment or a disaster. He does not make such things. The key here is to accept who you are and what you have. If you keep looking at others and grading your beauty on what they have with what you don’t have you will never  be content. Everyone has a portion, you can’t have it all. You cannot be white and black at the same time. You cannot be tall and short at the same time.

Usually this perception we have of ourselves is because we have been teased before, or been made fun of, or had people speak negative words to us and we have come to believe them.When you get teased for what you have, honey look up and smile because it’s probably jealousy. People who tease others usually have self-esteem issues themselves and instead of working on it shift it on others by bullying them.

Having a beautiful face and an ugly attitude makes you ugly on the other hand. You can be the perfect beauty, with everything known to be beautiful but if you’re awfully loud, rude and nasty it makes you look ‘ugly’. You see, the inner qualities enhance the outward beauty. So as much as we work on the outward beauty we must learn to work on the inward beauty as well.

Now if you still don’t feel beautiful enhance your outward look. Make sure your hair looks right(not every hairstyle suits everyone).Dress appropriately, as the saying goes,” Dress how you would like to be addressed”. Best of all, have a smile on your face; its the best accessory.

Look in the mirror and repeat to yourself how beautiful you are till you believe it because you’re beautiful! Surround yourself with those who make you feel good about yourself. Lift your chin up and smile because you’re beautiful!xo

Reference: Beauty by Dag Heward-Mills


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