Women’s day

Hey guys,

I am excited about today’s post because it’s women’s day. I am guessing a lot of guys will think it’s overrated but I think it’s not because women deserve to be appreciated. Today’s post is going to be a little more for the ladies but guys you can read it too, to be enlightened.

Today I want all women to become women with direction. A woman with direction knows her purpose for being in this world. Women with  purpose are not known for  being aimless or known for not setting goals of their own. We usually give up at the first glance of failure but we have to learn from our mistakes,dust the past off and walk forward to bigger and better things. We definitely make mistakes it’s part of the journey we walk in life but the goal is to get past it And not let our past define us.

As a lady myself I have come to realize that there are things that befall us as women and I will talk about a few of them here. So actually I have a book I learnt a lot from and I won’t be stingy with it, ‘sharing is caring’.


It’s a part of a rather bigger book titled ‘Daughter you can make it’, by the same author. Find it,read it, and you won’t regret it .

So one of the main things that keep us from greatness is fear. We get afraid of trying new things, fear of not being enough, fear of being with the wrong person, fear of giving everything and gaining nothing at the end of the day. What we fail to recognize is the fact that fear is not a good thing. Fear is actually a demon that keeps you away from greatness. The opposite of fear Is faith and that is what we should have. A woman of direction has faith in the future and hopes for the best in the unknown.

Another thing is emotions. Women are known to be emotional,yeah we are and it’s not a bad thing. It becomes bad when it clouds our judgement and makes us lose focus. We are driven by what we are passionate about and there is nothing wrong with that. We just have to be cautious about the thin line that makes it good or bad. We  tend to also be overly zealous and protective over our achievements and we don’t have to be that protective. It’s good to do well, it’s good to help other women come up too. Their achievements won’t diminish yours.

Woman! You’re beautiful! You’re the future! You’re the one who makes a house a home! Your eyes are full of love and understanding! Woman you have purpose! Woman you deserve all the best things in life! Remember “Queens know how to be great with other queens,isolating yourself will only diminish your greatness” . We are better together and stronger too.

To strong women, may we know them,may we become them and may we raise them!

Enjoy today and always to the fullest!xo


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