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Stand Out

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing great! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I went for a conference in Pershotravensk. It’s a city in Ukraine not close to mine in anyway! I went to see my anointed spiritual father, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills!  I can’t tell you how excited I was! The last time I saw him in person was two years ago and sitting at his feet for two days was more amazing than I thought it would be! So sorry I didn’t deliver but I  am not sorry I lived in the moment!

IMG_0746Bishop Dag Heward Mills.

Today I would like to talk about standing out. To stand out means ‘someone  is conspicuous in an area because of his or her refusal to conform with the actions, opinions, desires, etc., of the majority’. Standing out is not bad at all, it makes you unique. There are different goals for different people. Usually we would want people to understand our goal and help us with it but what we fail to see is, though you might want the same goal, the path you take to the goal is different for each person.

There is nothing wrong with separating yourself from people who will not help you achieve your goal. There is nothing wrong with putting your goals first. It’s okay for you to put your personal growth first. Being accepted by the crowd doesn’t mean you’re on the right path, it can also mean you’ve just conformed to what is normal or popularly accepted.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is the perfect example! When he started his ministry, he was looked down upon. People disputed his anointing when he started his ministry but he didn’t give up. He stood alone and walked in the grace he was given and now he’s a pastor overseeing more than 2000 churches! Also when he started writing books, people didn’t accept that he was an author but he went ahead and obeyed God and wrote books! He is one of the best author’s around! Over 10 million books in print and translated into over 33 different languages.


Bishop Dag with Bishop Richard Aryee, holding the Makarios(40 books related to the ministry)

Be you, set your goals and go out to conquer them!Even if you stand alone and especially when you stand alone, be happy you’re accomplishing something unique! You have it in you to reach your goal!xo

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