Hair Relaxers

Hey Lovelies!

I want to talk about hair today. I had natural hair for sometime but i got tired of the energy and time i had to put into it and decided to relax my hair, you know make things easier for me. I wish I knew then what i know now. It might not apply to everyone since we all have different genes but I am sharing anyways. Below are a few pros and cons of using relaxers.

1.  Less time-consuming: When the hair is straight, its easy to wash and take care of. A typical wash day for natural hair can take more than 4 hours. Natural hair requires sectioning, detangling, when washing so the hair doesn’t end up more messy or tangled than before.

2. No Pain: The hair is easy to comb, even when the hair is dry! You can just slide a comb through and be done in less than 10 minutes  . You cannot try that with natural hair! It’s better to finger detangle than comb. Frankly its painful to comb, if it’s not done when hair is wet.

3. Flat Iron: Relaxed hair is easier to flat-iron or blow dry, compared to natural hair.



  1. No more curls: Once you perm or relax your hair there’s no going back. When you relax your hair you break the protein bonds of hair and there’s nothing to change it. You cannot go back to having curly hair unless you stop the periodic use of relaxers and cut off the straight hair
  2. Damage: When you relax your hair there is a lot of damage done. You strip your hair of  oils and nutrients and your hair becomes weak and thin. The hair easily breaks off and sheds easily. In my case any little manipulation led to my hair breaking.
  3. Sensitive scalp: I really do have a sensitive scalp and the relaxer doesn’t even last up to 15 minutes on my hair and the burning sensation begin. Usually, this is not enough time for the hair to be fully relaxed and so you’re advised to wait a bit longer which ends up giving you chemical burns.
  4. Volume: With relaxed hair there’s usually loss of hair volume. You go from a thicker and fuller natural hair to less voluminous hair. This did not excite me at all. I felt my hair was too thin.

In conclusion, natural hair will be more suitable for me. What about you? Do you prefer your hair relaxed or natural? xo


2 thoughts on “Hair Relaxers”

  1. My hair has been permed for as far back as i can remember. I’m thinking of trying out being natural. I’ll let you know by January 1st 🙂


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