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Is It Really Love?

Why do you keep holding on to someone who doesn’t value you?

Why do you keep putting their happiness first, when you can see they clearly do not care?

Why do you give your all to someone who gives you nothing?

Why do you always seem to be available for them, when they Are bored and seem to ‘need you’? Whiles they are never available when you need them?

I actually wish i knew the answers to these questions because i wouldn’t call it love. Love is to give and not expect anything back but really? I do not believe the saying “love is blind”. Your eyes still work,  your mind still works. You can tell when someone is giving you less than you actually deserve. Your brain still works even after you fall in love, don’t forget that. Fall in with your heart but go with your brain.  Use your brain, see the signs and analyze the situation.

I often hear how girls fall prey to this, and it saddens me.  People tend to lose themselves once they fall in love, forgetting who they used to be and what attracted the person to them. They want to give everything to that person and as human as we are, in almost 90% of the time your value reduces to the person.

Then you start to doubt yourself , you begin to lose your value in your own eyes. You start thinking about what happened along the way for things to have changed. You start thinking you’re worthless or probably you caused it somehow even though you clearly know you did nothing wrong.

If you know your worth and know how much you mean to those that love you, you wouldn’t settle for less. Don’t expect anyone to see your worth if you do not see it yourself. People may not be good to you, even though you’re good to them. Truth is no one owes you your happiness, you owe yourself that. You can’t change them or make them see what they don’t wanna see. Life is really difficult for the blind. You can’t be with the wrong person and expect them to do right

Yes love is a beautiful thing, but this saying is true only when it’s mutual! If it hurts, if it makes you cry, if it makes you sad,check the situation. I am not saying the journey of love has no downsides but if the downsides are more than the positive,check it.

You deserve love that is real.xo


5 thoughts on “Is It Really Love?”

  1. I like this. So much truth here! But here’s a question: How do you prevent the situation where you no longer value your loved one like you used to?


    1. You see, the difference between how you see them now, from the way you saw them before, is familiarity. So make a conscious effort to value them. It’s a lot of work but its possible.


  2. Familiarity eh. And yet, that’s a very common human trait. Guess sits something we’ll all have to fight against… Thanks! Loving this. 😊


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