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via Daily Prompt: Fortune

Fortune has several meanings. But let’s look at fortune as chance and the way it affects your life. I believe in the supernatural and I associate fortune to the supernatural. I personally believe nothing just happens by chance. I believe that there is a whole lot of influence governing the things that happen to us daily, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

These are the forces of man and spirits.

In the human realm there are people who influence  what happens to you like your loved ones, your boss, the random person you meet at your local supermarket. The words and actions of these people can either make or ruin your day. They can start a chain reaction of either good or bad fortune. Those above you can easily change your fortune by giving you a promotion or stripping you of a title.

Now spiritually, there are spirits that govern the affairs of men. There are good and evil spirits and they influence man in many ways. The good spirits bring about blessings or good luck as most people put it. The evil spirits on the other hand bring about bad luck and influence a chain of bad events.

Most people have ways or items they believe can clear up bad luck but as a christian i believe in prayer. I believe that prayer can influence the spiritual realm greatly and block the influence or works of the evil spirits. Prayer is a way to talk to the higher authority in the spiritual realm, that is God and He is able to stop these evil spirits from carrying out their plans. Prayer can also influence a chain of good fortune or good luck.

Another thing is the change in mindset, how you think also influences the chain of events in your life. You are, what you feed your mind. Feeding your mind with positivity will bring about positive fortune.

No matter what you believe, there is a force behind fortune and you can easily direct which way your fortune should go.xo

4 thoughts on “Fortune-Chance”

  1. Thanks for the piece, also I believe we have more power to influence our day than others do because we have power over our emotions and when people’s actions or words change it, consciously or not we just handed them the power to our emotions. It’s our duty to keep our emotions in check because whether we like it or not people will hurt us but it’s left to us to let that ruin our day or we can choose not to do them the honour of ruining it by consciously maintaining a positive mindset. It’s really starts with our mind.


  2. So does it matter who you pray to? People all over the world have different beings and gods they pray to. Or is it only the God of the Christians that can help?


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