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I am definitely not perfect. I come with my flaws, i cannot seem to get rid of them. Frankly speaking i have tried but does that make me any less? Definitely not!

There is no perfect human, even if their looks make them seem perfect, they definitely have flaws in other areas. We all have something we are insecure about.

Your flaws are a part of you and you’re just as beautiful with them as you think you would be without them. If you’re black, your black is beautiful,  there’s no need to bleach to become something you’re not! Regardless of your skin tone, you’re beautiful! You got thin lips, so? Baby, you’re beautiful! You are no less than the gentleman or lady who just passed by you.

Fact is, if  you’re not happy about your flaws or if they’re affecting your health in one way or the other and you can work on them by all means, you should. Confidence is key and whatever takes your confidence takes your happiness, so do whatever you can to keep your head high without endangering your health. Example, I have extremely sensitively skin and had a lot of pimples. Yes I was  beautiful then but I didn’t feel I was, so I worked on it. I started taking care of my skin more and taking note of what made me break out. That is accepting my flaws but working to make it better.

Our flaws are part of who we are! Embrace them! Change what you can and own  what you can’t!xo


2 thoughts on “Flaws”

  1. I concur… we all have something we are insecure about and that’s OK,also social media ruins a lot of self confidence, we all haven’t gotten to that stage where we feel beautiful with our flaws so if you can mask it fine, and if not embrace it, own it and rock it like a boss.


  2. I really like this. I used to feel terrible about my looks when I was younger. And I still don’t like pictures of me from back then. But as I grew, I began to be more interested in who I am in Christ. And how that, that is more important than what the world thinks of me.
    Oh, and I totally agree with working on yourself to look a bit better. People would be more satisfied with themselves if they’d just work on themselves a little.
    Lovely post. 😉


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