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The Cross

To you it might just be a piece of wood. It might just be a reason why you get a holiday, to just chill. To you it probably means nothing. But the cross means much more to me. Let me tell you about the cross.

The cross represents love and sacrifice to me. It reminds me of the love i do not deserve. Someone giving himself up for me. This someone is Christ. I truly do not deserve this kind of love and I always say that if it were up to me, no one would be saved.

Let me set the scene for you: There was a prince who lived in the most powerful kingdom to ever exist. He had riches, servants at his  beck and call, he did not lack anything or have need for anything. One day he saw his father sad and down because his subjects were stubborn and disobedient and they kept straying from the rules he had made for them. These rules were made to guide them and to protect them. Now because of this, there was much suffering and pain and it brought tears to the king’s  eyes. So being a good son he asked his dad why he was sad and he told him everything. He really wanted to help at this point and was willing to do anything. His father then told him the only way to help these stubborn subjects was  to offer a sacrifice. The sacrifice had to be done with blood and the life of someone who would willingly  give up his or her life. (If it were me, this is when i would stop trying to help). The prince volunteered to be the sacrifice. Now mind you, the prince was an only child. He was the apple of his papa’s eye. ‘How’? the king thought aloud? Should i really allow my only son die in place of these disobedient subjects heading to destruction? But the love he had for his subjects was so strong that he permitted his son to offer up his life. Before the son could offer his life, he had to live like one of the subjects. He was sent away to live among the subjects. The people couldn’t recognize their prince. He tried to teach them the right way to live, he tried to draw their attention to the laws and rules of the land they were ignoring and to help them as much as he could, but they ignored him, mocked him, insulted him and rejected him even though he told them he was the prince. Only a few people accepted the prince and listened to him. Later on, one of the friends the prince made betrayed him and the prince got imprisoned. He was alleged to be a thief, fraudster and a whole lot. He wasn’t guilty of any of these allegations though. Now in prison, the prince was tortured immensely. All the guards disliked him and made his life terrible. He was scourged, a crown of thorns was made for him, he was not given any food or water.1-_ndiAgPyh8tdz3jV_z3pSw (The whip used and crown of thorns used look like this).

After the court hearing, the prince was found guilty and he was supposed to be killed by being hung on the cross. Even on the way to the place he was supposed to die for these people, he was still tortured, mocked and beaten. He had to carry his own cross and it was heavy. When they arrived at the place, he was nailed to the cross: a nail on both his right and left hands and a nail on his feet. Even as he was being tortured he still showed kindness to those who accepted him. So in the end he died for them. They were oblivious to the gift this prince had given them. But their lives had been spared.

Now, the prince is Jesus Christ and God is the king. The cross was Jesus carrying all our sins, hurts, burdens, weaknesses and so on, on himself so we might be freed. So to me easter is not about the easter bunny, no its about the cross and the man who carried all my failures and hurts so i can smile and have freedom. P.S if you have any burdens and you do not know what to do, offer it to Christ. He is willing to carry it for you. He loves you!

If you want to accept Him into your life, just say this prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, i thank you for coming to die for my sins. Please forgive me of my sins. I accept you as my Lord and personal savior. I turn my life over to you, come and be the master of my life. In Jesus name i pray with thanksgiving. Amen

Enjoy the holiday lovelies but don’t forget the reason. xo

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