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Natural Hair Tips

Hello lovelies,

Its been way too long. I really do apologise for that but as i said in my last post my finals were around the corner but now the major part is over so i can blog again. Yaay!

I did my big chop on the 1st of April,2017. It was an easy decision to make, since my relaxed hair was damaged and thin. Plus i get to have my curls again. I am going to share a few things I am using with you. I use these things everyday.

  1. Spray bottle -which contains any oil of your choice(I use shea butter) and water. It helps to soften your hair due to the moisture. I used my old bodymist bottle. You can use any spray bottle you want. IMG_2461
  2. Leave in conditioners:

    I cannot choose between these two, i love the feel of both on my hair, so depending on my mood i use either. The mega growth is lighter though compared to olive miracle.

  3. Oils:I have been using these two, especially for my edges because I have very thin edges. Its working, because i can see the improvement.

    So far i haven’t regretted cutting my hair but i do miss my long hair sometimes. I hope these tips are helpful. Feel free to share your hair tips with me too.  xo

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