Dear me,

This is to let you know how beautiful you are, with all your flaws and short comings. I know you would have thought by now, you would not doubt how beautiful you are or how smart you are. But you’re human and sometimes you are gonna feel that way. You would feel as though you’re not good enough at everything you do. I know its your biggest fear but baby you’re good enough.

You ain’t no size 4 but you’re beautiful. I know it gets to you when your friends call you ‘big’ because they’re ‘smaller’ than you. I know it gets to you because you’re actually eating healthier and exercising more but your metabolism isn’t like theirs. If God had created you all alike then maybe they will understand how it hurts when you’re trying to be better but they keep coming at you. Actually i also do know you don’t mind your curves, you just don’t want the tummy part but i guess it comes with the package.

Oh yeah, i know how you feel when the people you adore tell you ‘oh you should look like this more often so we can show you off’. “If you want to, whether i am on fleek or not you should. I cannot  ‘slay’ everyday, i step out just how i feel. Depending on my mood, what you see is what you get.”, yeah i hear your response which you don’t voice out. You feel beautiful either ways. With or without makeup, with your hair done or undone. I agree, baby you’re beautiful.

You’re surviving in school, you’re smart and you need no validation from anyone. You always put your best foot down. You come prepared and do the best you can. You’ve come a long way from giving up when you realize its too hard, to trying to make things work.

Not every one is going to see you as you see yourself, not everyone is gonna see all you do because they are not you. When they think you’re not worth it, show them that you are. When they think you’re too weak, show up and show them the strength hidden within you. When they think you’re not beautiful enough, show up with the biggest smile and confidence you have and own your truth because baby you are beautiful.

If you ever feel unloved, picked on or unattractive, dust those thoughts off. You are beautiful. You are the best I have ever met and I love you. Keep smiling.

Love Always,


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