I am definitely not perfect. I come with my flaws, i cannot seem to get rid of them. Frankly speaking i have tried but does that make me any less? Definitely not!

There is no perfect human, even if their looks make them seem perfect, they definitely have flaws in other areas. We all have something we are insecure about.

Your flaws are a part of you and you’re just as beautiful with them as you think you would be without them. If you’re black, your black is beautiful,  there’s no need to bleach to become something you’re not! Regardless of your skin tone, you’re beautiful! You got thin lips, so? Baby, you’re beautiful! You are no less than the gentleman or lady who just passed by you.

Fact is, if  you’re not happy about your flaws or if they’re affecting your health in one way or the other and you can work on them by all means, you should. Confidence is key and whatever takes your confidence takes your happiness, so do whatever you can to keep your head high without endangering your health. Example, I have extremely sensitively skin and had a lot of pimples. Yes I was  beautiful then but I didn’t feel I was, so I worked on it. I started taking care of my skin more and taking note of what made me break out. That is accepting my flaws but working to make it better.

Our flaws are part of who we are! Embrace them! Change what you can and own  what you can’t!xo



via Daily Prompt: Fortune

Fortune has several meanings. But let’s look at fortune as chance and the way it affects your life. I believe in the supernatural and I associate fortune to the supernatural. I personally believe nothing just happens by chance. I believe that there is a whole lot of influence governing the things that happen to us daily, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

These are the forces of man and spirits.

In the human realm there are people who influence  what happens to you like your loved ones, your boss, the random person you meet at your local supermarket. The words and actions of these people can either make or ruin your day. They can start a chain reaction of either good or bad fortune. Those above you can easily change your fortune by giving you a promotion or stripping you of a title.

Now spiritually, there are spirits that govern the affairs of men. There are good and evil spirits and they influence man in many ways. The good spirits bring about blessings or good luck as most people put it. The evil spirits on the other hand bring about bad luck and influence a chain of bad events.

Most people have ways or items they believe can clear up bad luck but as a christian i believe in prayer. I believe that prayer can influence the spiritual realm greatly and block the influence or works of the evil spirits. Prayer is a way to talk to the higher authority in the spiritual realm, that is God and He is able to stop these evil spirits from carrying out their plans. Prayer can also influence a chain of good fortune or good luck.

Another thing is the change in mindset, how you think also influences the chain of events in your life. You are, what you feed your mind. Feeding your mind with positivity will bring about positive fortune.

No matter what you believe, there is a force behind fortune and you can easily direct which way your fortune should go.xo

Is It Really Love?

Why do you keep holding on to someone who doesn’t value you?

Why do you keep putting their happiness first, when you can see they clearly do not care?

Why do you give your all to someone who gives you nothing?

Why do you always seem to be available for them, when they Are bored and seem to ‘need you’? Whiles they are never available when you need them?

I actually wish i knew the answers to these questions because i wouldn’t call it love. Love is to give and not expect anything back but really? I do not believe the saying “love is blind”. Your eyes still work,  your mind still works. You can tell when someone is giving you less than you actually deserve. Your brain still works even after you fall in love, don’t forget that. Fall in with your heart but go with your brain.  Use your brain, see the signs and analyze the situation.

I often hear how girls fall prey to this, and it saddens me.  People tend to lose themselves once they fall in love, forgetting who they used to be and what attracted the person to them. They want to give everything to that person and as human as we are, in almost 90% of the time your value reduces to the person.

Then you start to doubt yourself , you begin to lose your value in your own eyes. You start thinking about what happened along the way for things to have changed. You start thinking you’re worthless or probably you caused it somehow even though you clearly know you did nothing wrong.

If you know your worth and know how much you mean to those that love you, you wouldn’t settle for less. Don’t expect anyone to see your worth if you do not see it yourself. People may not be good to you, even though you’re good to them. Truth is no one owes you your happiness, you owe yourself that. You can’t change them or make them see what they don’t wanna see. Life is really difficult for the blind. You can’t be with the wrong person and expect them to do right

Yes love is a beautiful thing, but this saying is true only when it’s mutual! If it hurts, if it makes you cry, if it makes you sad,check the situation. I am not saying the journey of love has no downsides but if the downsides are more than the positive,check it.

You deserve love that is real.xo


Hair Relaxers

Hey Lovelies!

I want to talk about hair today. I had natural hair for sometime but i got tired of the energy and time i had to put into it and decided to relax my hair, you know make things easier for me. I wish I knew then what i know now. It might not apply to everyone since we all have different genes but I am sharing anyways. Below are a few pros and cons of using relaxers.

1.  Less time-consuming: When the hair is straight, its easy to wash and take care of. A typical wash day for natural hair can take more than 4 hours. Natural hair requires sectioning, detangling, when washing so the hair doesn’t end up more messy or tangled than before.

2. No Pain: The hair is easy to comb, even when the hair is dry! You can just slide a comb through and be done in less than 10 minutes  . You cannot try that with natural hair! It’s better to finger detangle than comb. Frankly its painful to comb, if it’s not done when hair is wet.

3. Flat Iron: Relaxed hair is easier to flat-iron or blow dry, compared to natural hair.



  1. No more curls: Once you perm or relax your hair there’s no going back. When you relax your hair you break the protein bonds of hair and there’s nothing to change it. You cannot go back to having curly hair unless you stop the periodic use of relaxers and cut off the straight hair
  2. Damage: When you relax your hair there is a lot of damage done. You strip your hair of  oils and nutrients and your hair becomes weak and thin. The hair easily breaks off and sheds easily. In my case any little manipulation led to my hair breaking.
  3. Sensitive scalp: I really do have a sensitive scalp and the relaxer doesn’t even last up to 15 minutes on my hair and the burning sensation begin. Usually, this is not enough time for the hair to be fully relaxed and so you’re advised to wait a bit longer which ends up giving you chemical burns.
  4. Volume: With relaxed hair there’s usually loss of hair volume. You go from a thicker and fuller natural hair to less voluminous hair. This did not excite me at all. I felt my hair was too thin.

In conclusion, natural hair will be more suitable for me. What about you? Do you prefer your hair relaxed or natural? xo


Stand Out

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing great! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I went for a conference in Pershotravensk. It’s a city in Ukraine not close to mine in anyway! I went to see my anointed spiritual father, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills!  I can’t tell you how excited I was! The last time I saw him in person was two years ago and sitting at his feet for two days was more amazing than I thought it would be! So sorry I didn’t deliver but I  am not sorry I lived in the moment!

IMG_0746Bishop Dag Heward Mills.

Today I would like to talk about standing out. To stand out means ‘someone  is conspicuous in an area because of his or her refusal to conform with the actions, opinions, desires, etc., of the majority’. Standing out is not bad at all, it makes you unique. There are different goals for different people. Usually we would want people to understand our goal and help us with it but what we fail to see is, though you might want the same goal, the path you take to the goal is different for each person.

There is nothing wrong with separating yourself from people who will not help you achieve your goal. There is nothing wrong with putting your goals first. It’s okay for you to put your personal growth first. Being accepted by the crowd doesn’t mean you’re on the right path, it can also mean you’ve just conformed to what is normal or popularly accepted.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is the perfect example! When he started his ministry, he was looked down upon. People disputed his anointing when he started his ministry but he didn’t give up. He stood alone and walked in the grace he was given and now he’s a pastor overseeing more than 2000 churches! Also when he started writing books, people didn’t accept that he was an author but he went ahead and obeyed God and wrote books! He is one of the best author’s around! Over 10 million books in print and translated into over 33 different languages.


Bishop Dag with Bishop Richard Aryee, holding the Makarios(40 books related to the ministry)

Be you, set your goals and go out to conquer them!Even if you stand alone and especially when you stand alone, be happy you’re accomplishing something unique! You have it in you to reach your goal!xo

Women’s day

Hey guys,

I am excited about today’s post because it’s women’s day. I am guessing a lot of guys will think it’s overrated but I think it’s not because women deserve to be appreciated. Today’s post is going to be a little more for the ladies but guys you can read it too, to be enlightened.

Today I want all women to become women with direction. A woman with direction knows her purpose for being in this world. Women with  purpose are not known for  being aimless or known for not setting goals of their own. We usually give up at the first glance of failure but we have to learn from our mistakes,dust the past off and walk forward to bigger and better things. We definitely make mistakes it’s part of the journey we walk in life but the goal is to get past it And not let our past define us.

As a lady myself I have come to realize that there are things that befall us as women and I will talk about a few of them here. So actually I have a book I learnt a lot from and I won’t be stingy with it, ‘sharing is caring’.


It’s a part of a rather bigger book titled ‘Daughter you can make it’, by the same author. Find it,read it, and you won’t regret it .

So one of the main things that keep us from greatness is fear. We get afraid of trying new things, fear of not being enough, fear of being with the wrong person, fear of giving everything and gaining nothing at the end of the day. What we fail to recognize is the fact that fear is not a good thing. Fear is actually a demon that keeps you away from greatness. The opposite of fear Is faith and that is what we should have. A woman of direction has faith in the future and hopes for the best in the unknown.

Another thing is emotions. Women are known to be emotional,yeah we are and it’s not a bad thing. It becomes bad when it clouds our judgement and makes us lose focus. We are driven by what we are passionate about and there is nothing wrong with that. We just have to be cautious about the thin line that makes it good or bad. We  tend to also be overly zealous and protective over our achievements and we don’t have to be that protective. It’s good to do well, it’s good to help other women come up too. Their achievements won’t diminish yours.

Woman! You’re beautiful! You’re the future! You’re the one who makes a house a home! Your eyes are full of love and understanding! Woman you have purpose! Woman you deserve all the best things in life! Remember “Queens know how to be great with other queens,isolating yourself will only diminish your greatness” . We are better together and stronger too.

To strong women, may we know them,may we become them and may we raise them!

Enjoy today and always to the fullest!xo



Happy Independence  day Ghana!! So for those of you who do not know, I am a  Ghanaian! Today marks the 60th independence of Ghana! On 6th March 1957, Ghana gained its independence from the British, making it one of the first west African countries to gain independence. The first president of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and a group known as the big six(6) led Ghana to its independence.

So let me tell you about my country. Ghana is obviously on the African continent. West  Africa to be precise. The map of Ghana looks pregnant in my opinion(pregnant with diversity and awesomeness) and it has 1o regions. The capital of this great nation is Accra located in the Greater Accra Region.IMG_0585.PNG

The population of Ghana is about 27 million plus. The official language of the country is English, but there are other national languages like Twi, Ga, Fante, Ewe, Dagbani and so on. The currency of the country is the Ghana Cedi.  The current president of Ghana is Nana Akuffo-Addo.

The flag of Ghana has  red, gold and green horizontal stripes with a five-pointed black star in the centre of the gold stripe.The colour red represents the blood of those who died in the country’s struggle for independence; the gold stands for the mineral wealth of the country, while the green symbolizes the rich forest and agriculture of the country. The star represents the lodestar of African freedom and a symbol of African emancipation.

The economy of the country is from the gold,bauxite,diamond,aluminium and manganese. Other commodities are petroleum,natural gas, salt and silver. Agriculturally, Ghana is the largest second cocoa exporter in the world. Crops are the major agricultural produce of Ghana like cashews,corn,plantain. Unlike the fishery,forestry and livestock sector.

So now to the culture! The country has diverse culture with every ethnicity having its own unique touch to it.

Ashanti region is one of the main tribes of Ghana. The capital of this region is Kumasi.The Ashanti King is usually clothed in rich kente and gold for all the major occasions. The main food of the Ashantis is fufu with any soup(lightsoup,palmnut soup,groundnut soup, etc), The main language of the region is Twi.

400x225_340286Ashanti King

Greater Accra region, this is where the capital of Ghana is located. the capital of this region is Accra.The main language of this region is Ga. The favorite food of this tribe is kenkey with fried fish. The Independence Square is located in this region. The museum of the first president of Ghana is also located here.

thumbKenkey and fish.

Brong Ahafo region,this region is located south of Ghana with the capital being suyani.Major attractions of Brong-Ahafo include Kintampo waterfalls and nature reserves home of the Boabeng monkey sanctuary, a short distance outside Sunyani. Bono is the language spoken in this region.fuller-falls.jpgKintampo water falls.

Central Region,the capital of this region is cape coast. The dialect spoken here is Fante. This region is known for fishing and tourism. There are alot of castles and forts from the slave trade era in this region, examples are the Elmina castle and capecoast castle. Kakum National Park is also located in this region.elmina_castle-800x440Elmina Castle

Eastern reion of Ghana has Koforidua as its capital. Akan and English are mostly spoken in this region. The Akosombo dam(hydroelectric dam-main source of electricity in the country) of Ghana is found here. Aburi gardens a lush botanical garden is found in this region.akosombo.jpgAkosombo Dam

Northern Region is the largest region in Ghana. The capital of this region is Tamale. It has the Mole national park for tourism. The popular clothing of this region is the batakari and one of the favorite food is tubaani(boiled bean cake).

.images (1)

Western region of Ghana has two twin cities as the capital, Sekondi Takoradi. The main languages are Akan and English. It has a lot of rivers and lush green hills and fertile soil. It has the highest rainfall of the country. The main dish of this region is Akyeke. The region also has the Takoradi Port for both imports and exports.Nzulezo is a town in Takoradi that overlooks the Lake Tadane, and is entirely made up of stilts and platforms. In 2000, it was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is a major tourist attraction area.Attiéké or AkyekeAkyeke

The Upper East regional capital is Bolgatanga, sometimes referred to as Bolga. Tourisim is very popular in this region:Parks- Gbelle game reserve,Sombo Bat Sanctuary,Jafiiri Sacred Royal Python Sanctuary,etc. Recreational area-Tongo rocks. Historic sites-Naa Gbewaa’s shrine,Navrongo’s mud-built church.102navrongo mud built church.

The Upper West regional capital and largest settlement is Wa. The Wechiau hippopotamus Sanctuary is located South West of Wa. A distinctive feature of the Upper West region’s culture is the brewing of pito (pronounced PEE-toe) a sweet, mildly alcoholic beverage derived from sorghum. Major economic activity is agriculture.627ff56cebe6d32d5c08405a42c6afcbpito.

Volta region, capital Ho. The main language is Ewe.Main dish of the region is Akple and Okro soup. For tourism, this region has Wli waterfalls,mountain afadjato and so on.063Mount Afadjato.

Okay so at this point i think i have written enough.Long live Ghana! Long live our rich culture and diversity! Happy 60th independence Ghana!